Making Fitness a Priority

Training Rates and Packages

At its core, physcial fitness is about combining movement, strength, and flexibility. It is about training your body to not simply be fit but to be adaptable to real world situations and activities. You'll be exposed to different training modialities, such as weight machines, free weights, aerobic machines, your own body weight and mother nature herself. In the real world physical challenges are more about applied physics and techniques. Here, you learn how to adapt, react, and move to better train your body and increase your muscular strength, aerobic capicity and overall fitness level.

The MagnantMuscle  Way

Custom Meal Plan $30

Custom Training Program Only $25

Optimum Nutrition Advice/Counseling $40

Athletic Testing and Performance $30

Single session $40 (if a highschool student or younger $30)

Journey Begins! Package of 5 sessions $205 (41$ per)

Look Within! Package of 10 sessions$400 (40$ per)

Be Your Hero! Package of 15 session$525 (35$ per)

Dare To Be Strong! Package of 20 sessions$600 (30$ per)

House call private session $50